Website & Digital Marketing Consultant

I help established UK businesses create highly effective, carefully considered promotional strategies, using digital & traditional marketing methods.

  • Over 30 years in the UK design & marketing industry
  • Website & digital marketing specialist since 2005
  • Marketing Executive
  • Qualified Lecturer
  • Director of Mears Websites

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David Mears Website & Digital Marketing Consultant in London

Website & Digital Marketing Consultant

“It’s all about websites and digital marketing these days”

Or is it?

It all depends on you and the type of business you have, services you offer and/or products you sell.

You’re unique, as is your business so, therefore, must be your marketing approach. It will no doubt include websites and digital marketing but  traditional marketing methods may still have their place.

A key to success is having a marketing strategy which is consistently on-brand, with tone-of-voice continuity and each aspect of marketing activity complimenting the other with one single goal…


Are you certain that your marketing approaches are effective?

Do you have a measured strategy in place that ensures each aspect of your marketing activity is complimenting the other?

Are you sure that your website and digital marketing efforts are on-brand and proving beneficial?

Do you have someone within your organisation with website and digital marketing expertise capable of understanding your online activity without being bamboozled by third-party providers?

Are your sales increasing?

Are you wasting money?

I can help you answer all of these questions and put in place a carefully considered marketing strategy that you can have confidence in.

Let’s talk: 07751 313 522

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