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I have been a drummer since 1984 and have created a video in which I take you through ideas for gifts for drummers. There are 30 gift ideas in my video which I’ve also detailed below for you. I have also created for you a PDF which you can download containing approximately 90 links to suggested gifts with guide prices that are very specific from a drummer’s point of view.

You are welcome to read on, watch my video or download the Gifts for Drummers PDF.

I’ll start with small gifts for drummers and work up to the large gifts, starting with…

Drum Keys

Drum keys are essential for drummers, we use them to change our drum heads and we often lose them! Drum keys make great small gifts for drummers.

You can buy bottle-opening drum keys, branded drum keys and multi-faceted, Swiss Army knife-style drum keys with lots of tools on, so they are a great small gift. Links and guide prices can be found in my PDF.

Musician Joke Books

Don’t overlook the joke books! Us drummers get a lot of stick (pun intended!), so it’s nice to have jokes that we can dish out to the rest of the band, like the guitarists and the bass player, so yes a joke book would never go amiss if it is an all-around musician’s joke book you’re looking for there’s a link in my PDF.


Now, drumsticks make great gifts for drummers, but you need to make sure you know the size of drumstick that your drummer plays with.

If you look at the sticks your drummer uses you will see something like 5a, 5b, 7a written on the drumstick – you need to make sure you get the same size as the sticks they already use.

But also, us drummers tend to like specific brands of drumstick (my favourite is Vic Firth, but there are other makes including Promark and Vater) so find out which make your drummer likes before you buy drumsticks.

And please, don’t buy cheap coloured drumsticks, bright blue, bright red etc. I have put links in my PDF to a leading Swiss manufacturer that specialise in glow in the dark and brightly coloured sticks.

If you buy cheap coloured drumsticks, the colour will come off on the drummer’s hands and drum rims and skins and make a heck of a mess – they may not thank you for that gift!

So, make sure you know what drumsticks your drummer uses; make sure you know their preferred brand, the size and if you are going to buy coloured ones go to my PDF and use the links there to the Swiss manufacturer I mentioned earlier.

Drumhead Dampeners

You can buy things called Moongels.  They are small low-tac gels that go on a drumhead and they change the sound of the drum, reducing the resonance – Moongels are a small gift your drummer will appreciate.

Spare Cymbal Felts

Drummers often use felts either side of their cymbals to protect them and like drum keys, we often lose them especially if gigging regularly. So spare cymbal felts make great gifts for drummers.

A company called Zildjian make a “drummer’s survival kit” which has got a whole host of things in it including spare cymbal felts, you’ll find a link in my PDF.

Printed T-Shirts, Hoodies & Mugs

You’ll find lots of drummer’s pre-printed t-shirts and hoodies online, but maybe try to be a bit more creative and get something more personal?

See if you can find a local printer that can print a t-shirt for you and maybe give them a design or just put your drummer’s name on it, so you can make it a little bit more special than buying the run-of-the-mill stuff that’s online.

The same with personalised mugs, yes, drummers drink tea and coffee of course, but again, maybe get a photo of the drummer for the mug, just make it a little bit more personal than just buying something online.

Drummer’s Hand Towel

Hand towels make great gifts for drummers! When we play, we get sweaty palms so it’s great to have a hand towel to wipe our hands on.

You used to be able to buy drummers hand towels with drum and cymbal manufacturer logos on, but I have only found one online (made by cymbal manufacturer Zildjian) for which there is a link in my PDF.

Again, maybe see if you can get it personalised, embroidered with your drummer’s name maybe?

Earplugs – for your drummer, not you!

Earplugs are great, and you can buy generic fit earplugs to protect your drummer’s hearing (as opposed to custom-fit earplugs which would be difficult to keep a secret!)

It’s surprising how many drummers don’t have earplugs and they are a great thing to have.

Earplugs are not the same as in-ear monitors, I will come onto those later.

Vic Firth manufacture earplugs and a company called ACS, they are also a leading manufacturer, certainly in the UK, for earplugs. Earplugs make great gifts for drummers and again, links are in my PDF.

Music Stand

If your drummer doesn’t have a music stand it would be a great gift. Music stands, depending on the type you buy, can be multi-purpose for anything from a book of tabulation to an iPad or, if you put it flat, a beer, who knows?!


You can get tambourines that mount onto a stand or a high hat. They are a nice percussive addition to any drum kit.  So, if your drummer has not got a tambourine, that could be a great gift.


Hmmmmm, mixed opinions from drummers regarding cowbells!

I’m a fan of cowbells, but some drummers don’t like them.  If you do buy a cowbell (if your drummer doesn’t already have one) don’t forget the attachment needed to attach it either to the rim of the bass drum or to a stand on the actual kit. Often, the attachment needs to be purchased separately to the cowbell itself. Again, you’ll find links in my PDF.

Drum Show Tickets

A great gift for drummers is drum show tickets, perhaps for the London Drum Show, the UK Drum Show or any drum show nearer you.

If you can get tickets for your drummer to go to a show, they would love you for it because it is not just about walking around looking at all the drums, there are usually clinics, master classes and sessions to attend and the opportunity to speak to fellow and professional drummers, so drum show tickets – fantastic gifts for drummers!

Practice Pads 

These are rubber pads that drummers use to practice their rudiments and their sticking on.

There is a wide variety of practice pads available nowadays. I have links to them in my PDF – there are some really cool ones around now too!

A side note on Practice “Kits” – if you are thinking about buying a practice kit (which usually comprises of five rubber pads on a stand that looks vaguely like a drum kit), don’t buy one.

In my humble opinion, they are not very authentic, and they are not great to play and because of this they are not very enjoyable and after a short time may no longer get used.

Instead, I recommend you trying to find a second-hand, entry-level electric drum kit – at least they can put headphones to practice and for your drummer, it will sound like real drums.


If your drummer is comfortable reading tabulation there are loads of books available, I have links to a couple in my PDF but it is worth sounding out your drummer and finding out the genre of music they would like to play or what they would like to learn.

There are some great books for drummers available online, more often or not accompanied by CDs that your drummer can learn from, which is great.


CDs of your drummer’s favourite drummer, for example, mine include Steve Gadd, Dave Weckl, Steve Smith and Vinnie Colaiuta – any of these drummers I love listening to.

Find out from your drummer who their preferred drummer is and see if that drummer has an album out, if your drummer hasn’t already got it, that would be a great gift. CDs make great gifts for drummers!

Drumstick Bags

Now drumstick bags are great because us drummers accumulate sticks and percussive bits and pieces, and it is great to have a decent bag to put them in.  You can buy cheap drumstick bags and you can buy expensive ones.  Links are in my PDF – drumstick bags are great gifts for drummers.

Magazine Subscriptions

There are not actually that many drum magazines around now. Rhythm Magazine is one of the leading UK magazines, then there’s Drum! Magazine and Modern Drummer. A subscription to a drum magazine is another great gift for drummers.

In-Ear Monitors.

In-ear monitors protect your drummers’ ears whilst providing the sounds of the musicians around them at a controllable volume. In-Ear Monitors are more expensive than the earplugs I mentioned earlier but are far more useful and perhaps not as expensive as you might think.

You can but generic-fit in-ear monitors, but custom in-ear monitors are made specifically to fit your drummers’ ears, however, this requires ‘impressions’ to be made of your drummers’ ears so this wouldn’t be a gift you can keep a secret.

In-ear monitors, great gift for drummers, they protect the ears, your drummer will be able to hear a better sound on stage and they won’t need to rely on fold-back monitors.

Of course, as with all gifts – check they haven’t already got some!


I met a company at the London Drum Show called Lions Touch and he makes jewellery from old cymbals – cool, heh?.

There is also a website called the University of Rock and they have things like drumstick pendants and a lot of jewellery-style gifts which make great gifts for drummers.

Cymbal Bags and Cases

First, find out if your drummer has already got cymbal cases.  If not you have the option of buying soft bags or hard cases which help protect the cymbals. Hard cases offer the best protection. I recommend you find out which make of cymbals your drummer uses – if they have a preference, see if you can find a cymbal made by the respective cymbal manufacturer. Cymbal cases make great gifts for drummers.


If your drummer sings from the kit, a microphone and a boom stand is a great idea for a gift.  An industry standard microphone is the Shure SM58, again a link in my PDF – use the Shure SM58 as the basis for cost, you shouldn’t need to buy a more expensive mic and you may find cheaper mics that musicians rate just as highly.

Drum Hardware Bags

In 2018 Yamaha brought out some aluminium stands which are really lightweight, but more often than not us drummers have to put all our stands in one bag and it needs to be a specifically made to cope with the weight.

You can also buy hardware bags with wheels on so they can be wheeled through venues to the stage.  So, hardware bags and cases are great gifts for drummers.

Kick/Bass Drum Pedals

Us drummers are often particular about the kick drum pedals we like to use, so if your drummer’s pedal is old you might want to find out if they have a preference before purchasing one as a gift.

A bass drum pedal or a kick pedal is a great gift for a drummer.  You can also buy double pedals so if your drummer has been hankering after a double pedal having previously been playing with a single pedal, maybe buy double kick pedals, again links are in my PDF.

Concert Tickets

If your drummer has a favourite drummer and they play for a certain artist, it might be possible to get concert tickets, so they can go and see them play live.  That’d be a great gift!

Drum Stools (Us drummers call them “Thrones”)

Our job requires sitting for long periods of time, so a comfortable drum throne is fantastic!  I have links to a couple of thrones in my PDF but Roc and Soc is one of the best, I use a Mapex stool which is very similar and very comfortable.


I am moving into the bigger gifts now: you can now buy sets of lower-cost cymbals, but keep in mind you do get what you pay for in terms of quality, and drummers often have a preference to the make of cymbal they like to use.

I love Sabian cymbals, I always have, but a lot of drummers use Zildjian, some use Meinl and Paiste and Istanbul are other big-name manufacturers.

Drummers will often have one or two cymbals they would like to add to their set up, so if you speak to your drummer and find out, a cymbal would make a great gift.

Stands and Hardware

again, if you buy extra cymbals they are going to need stands to put them on.  Sometimes you get them combined but more often you have to buy these things separately.  Mapex make a great set of stands, they come as a set.

Drum Cases

You can buy soft cases and hard cases, and they make great gifts for drummers to protect their drums (if they haven’t already got them). I recommend you check how many drums your drummer’s kit comprises of before buying cases for them.

Now moving into the really big stuff…

Acoustic Drums

Now, drummers may well have a preference on this. I used to have Pearl acoustic drum kit, I originally had a Sonor, I loved them both. Yamaha also makes fantastic kits as do Gretsch and DW. For this gift, a visit to your local drum shop is probably the best idea – you could take a chance and buy one online, but you would have to be spending a lot of money to be certain you know it is of quality.

It is worth having a conversation with your drummer unless you are buying for a youngster in which case there are some great junior kits online and they will be happy with anything you get them.

Special Mention…

A special gift I wanted to mention is something called the Yamaha ED10. I saw this at the London Drum Show in 2018 – it’s a device that attaches to the bass drum and very effectively mics the kit. There are a whole host of other things it can do to enhance and change the sound of an acoustic drum kit.

It is not a cheap gift but for drummers who want to mic up their kit live, or even use it as a practice aid, or perhaps even for guide tracks in the studio, the Yamaha ED10, check that out or ask your drummer to check it out to make sure they want one, but that would be a very cool gift.

Electric Drum Kits

Amazing gifts for drummers are electronic drum kits. They enable virtually silent practice as through headphones they sound just like an acoustic kit.

If you are going to get one for your drummer, I recommend you try and find one with mesh heads which are more like a real drum skin and they are easier on the wrists – hard rubber pads tend to take their toll on a drummer’s wrists over time.

If you are looking for an electronic kit there are links in my PDF but Roland V drums are one of the best you will find. Yamaha make a great range of electric kits, I used to have a Yamaha as well and it was fantastic.

Pearl also has a range of outstanding electronic kits.  You have also got Alesis and Carlsbro.  You will find links in my PDF.

A unique gift idea…  

A professional photo shoot.  If you have a photographer near you who photographs musicians and they have studio, it would be a great gift for your drummer to be able to take their kit to the studio, set up and have some photographs of themselves taken whether for posterity or for promotion/their website etc.

Personally, I think that is a great gift for a drummer.

Or perhaps even book a professional photographer to take photos at your drummer’s next gig?

Drum Clinics and Workshops.

If your drummer has a favourite professional drummer who is running clinics nearby and you can get tickets, that’s fantastic!  Us drummers love nothing more than sitting in a room full of other drummers, watching one of the best drummers in the world teach us about what they do and how they do it and why they do it, so drum clinic or drum workshop tickets, if you can find those, they make great gifts for drummers.

Drum Lesson Vouchers

Be cautious with this one because if your drummer already thinks they are good and you buy them drum lesson vouchers, it might upset them just a little bit!

Drum lessons are a great gift if your drummer is are just starting out, but if they have been playing for a while, it may not be the best gift idea.

Drum Shop Gift Vouchers

If you are really, really stuck for a gift idea for your drummer, it is always worth giving gift vouchers for the local drum shop so then they can go and get what they want.

It is going to be a great gift for them.  And failing that Amazon vouchers, because you can buy virtually everything on Amazon – if you can’t find anything else, gift vouchers are the two to fall back on.

So I hope you have found this helpful.  As I say there is my PDF with links to approximately 90 gifts for drummers.

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